Warranty Information

At Danby's we know that using the best parts guarantees the best results for our customers' vehicles. We utilize a variety of industry leaders in the automotive services we provide to help extend the life of your vehicle.

Danby's Firestone Warranty

Danby's is a licensed provider of quality Bridgestone / Firestone tires and offers the following product warranties:

  • Limited Mileage Warranty Against Tire Wear-Out - Bridgestone / Firestone will replace your tires on a prorated basis if they do not achieve the guaranteed mileage. Actual tread life may vary. Certain exceptions and restrictions may apply. Complete details are available at our stations.
  • Firestone Gold Pledge Limited Warranty - As long as 2/32" of original tread remains, Firestone will replace your Firestone or affinity tire if it becomes unusable for any reason within the manufacturer's control during the applicable warranty period. Certain restrictions and limitations apply. Call us for details. *Includes both passenger and light truck.