AAA Approved Service Facility

In 1996, Danby’s earned the approval of the American Automobile Association for auto repairs. With this recognition, Danby's agrees to guarantee its workmanship and cooperate fully with AAA in the investigation and resolution of disputes involving auto repairs with any AAA member.

Presenting your AAA card entitles you to the following member benefits with Danby's:

  • Free Maintenance Inspection with Paid Service Visit
  • Written Estimate
  • Warranty
  • Returned Parts
  • Dispute Resolution

Experience the benefits of AAA membership by having your next automobile service completed at Danby's. To help us serve you better, always identify yourself as an AAA member, ask for an estimate, request the return of replaced parts, and submit the facility evaluation card.

To find out more about membership in AAA and the qualifications required to become an AAA approved service facility, check out AAA's website.