What Our Customers Say

Since 1948, Danby's has been providing top-notch automotive repairs and service to customers throughout the greater Meriden area.  Here's what some of our customers have to say about our workmanship:

  • Most professional bunch of guys I ever had to deal with....Kudos to Justin.  Thanks.  - David D.
  • I had some car trouble while driving to NYC.  I greatly appreciate your team.  -Nancy G.
  • Another life lesson - free lifetime oil changes don't make up for having the car taken care of by the right people aka "The Danby Gang!"  -John
  • Mr. Danby and his crew were considerate and we were lucky to come across such honest and diligent people.  -Rosalie B.
  • You always go above and beyond.  Thanks.  -Tom
  • Good service, and I always recognize good service.  See you in 3,000 miles.  -Gail D.
  • Kevin, just a quick thank you and especially Al.  How else to describe it but "Danby Magic."  -John B.
  • I would like to express our gratitude and thanks...the car is running good.  -Gina H.
  • Kevin, the car runs like a champ.  Please relay my gratitude.  -Jim