About Danby's

Kevin and Bill

Founded in 1948 by Fred Danby, Danby's has grown, renovated and kept up with the times—growing along the way to continually meet the needs of its customers and the community.

Wholesale Fuel Distribution

Danby Gasoline Marketers, Inc. is a full-service gasoline dealer and fuel consultant, supplying independent station owners throughout the Northeast with wholesale gasoline and diesel fuel. We bring a unique combination of reliable service and personal attention to every station we work with.

Real Estate Development

For almost twenty years, Danby's has also focused on real estate development, making strategic investments in commercial pad sites and independent service stations in and beyond Meriden, Connecticut.

Service & Towing

Today, Danby’s is a unique group of automobile service stations providing a variety of products and services:

A Team Player

To show our appreciation for our customers' loyalty and our partners' business, Danby's makes giving back to the community a top priority.