Serving You Since 1948

At Danby's, we take pride in both our roots and the growth we've experienced over the years, and we invite you to learn more about our history.

Present Day

Since 1948, Danby's has remained committed to the same values our business was founded on—quality and service excellence. 

  • 2014 - A Guilford station tenant benefits from a remodeled convenience store / deli and tank replacement, facilitated by Danby Gas Marketers. 
  • 2013-14 - Danby Gas Marketers acquires a site in Windsor, CT and gains approval to convert to a convenience store with repair shop.  After facilitating the architectural renderings, the tanks were replaced and store was remodeled.  Future plans for the site include a drive through fast food space.
  • 2013 - Taking on a previously closed store / station in Dayville, CT, Danby Gas Marketers handled permitting and architectural renderings in-house.  Remodeling included two new canopies, new dispensers and a remodeled store.
  • 2012 - Danby Gas Marketers tackles an environmentally challenged site in Yalesville, CT and facilitated the required cleanup.  Station was updated to include a complete convenience store, new tanks and dispensers, and related modern equipment.
  • 2011 - Danby's converts its signature repair shop in Meriden, CT to a modern, full-service convenience store with many modern additions.
  • 2010Danby Gasoline Marketers expands to provide wholesale fuel products to customers outside of Connecticut, supplying stations in multiple states with fuels such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel.  New Britain site is acquired from a past dealer and the large store on-site is converted to a drive through, convenience store and modernized amenities.
  • 2009 - Danby Gas Marketers purchases site located on Route 5 in Wallingford.  Building designs are completed in-house and DGM directly oversees all approvals related to the station. 
  • 2008 – To commit time to grow Danby Gasoline Marketers, Danby's service and towing moves to a new location on High Street.  This year also included a major construction project in the conversion of their first store to a full convenience store (Meriden location).

Expanded Offerings

Throughout the years, Danby's services have expanded to meet customers' needs. 

  • 1996 – Danby's is approved for AAA Auto Repair. Danby's also opens a new Smart Mart Convenience Store in Portland, Connecticut.
  • 1994 – Danby's expands to include  real estate development, building upon its business expertise.
  • 1993 – Danby Gasoline Marketers is formed, specializing in the wholesale marketing of fuel products and acting as a distributor for Gulf Oil. 
  • 1983 – Danby's adds its Exxon Service Station, located on East Main Street in Meriden. Kevin Curry re-joins Danby's, working as an ASE master technician until 1984, when he becomes co-ower of Danby's Service Station, also located on East Main Street.
  • 1981 – With business booming, Danby's quickly sees the need for a renting and leasing division, and becomes affiliated with the (now defunct) national Ugly Duckling Rent-A-Car chain.

An Era of Growth

Committed to giving our best to every customer, every day, Danby's locations and services have grown and evolved.

  • 1979 – Kevin Curry joins the Danby's organization as a technician and wrecker driver. After graduating from Meriden's Wilcox Technical School, he would go on to continue his education at the Denver Automotive and Diesel College.
  • 1978 – This year marks Danby's recognition as an authorized Emergency Service Provider for the Connecticut AAA Motor Club.
  • 1975 – Towing services are added to the Danby's Service Station offerings. 
  • 1965 – With the newly-built I-91 highway running through Meriden and bringing with it an influx of traffic, Danby's becomes a Gulf dealer. In the same year, the original Danby's moves to the East Main Street location.

The Beginning

  • 1948 – Fred Danby and his father Frank open the first Danby's Service Station in 1948, a Sunoco dealer located in Meriden, Connecticut, on the corner of South Broad Street and Green Road. Between 1948 and 1965, they open additional gasoline service stations throughout central Connecticut.